Popular Afghan Singer Killed in Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada – Police sources in Vancouver reported that
popular Afghan singer Nasrat Parsa was found injured outside his hotel in East
Vancouver after a concert. Constable Tim Fanning said three men approached Parsa
after a performance on May 7. One of them punched Parsa,
who then fell backwards on concrete stairs.

Parsa, who was 36, was taken to Vancouver General Hospital, where he died on
Sunday night of a head injury. The police mentioned that the cause of the
assault was not clear yet and that it was likely that Parsa did not know his
attackers. Witnesses told local media reporters that Parsa thought they were
fans asking for an autograph.A 19-year-old man was arrested and was initially charged with aggravated
assault. Police have recommended that the charge be upgraded to manslaughter.

Parsa was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, and lived in Germany. He studied with
Ustad Mohammed Houssein Sarahang and his son Eltaf Houssein, who were also
family friends. At age 12, Parsa moved with his family to Pakistan and later to
India. In Delhi, Parsa attended the school of music under the guidance of Pandit
Daish Pandi. Also in India, Parsa got private teachings from Ustad Monawar Ali

Til (2004) was the last album by Parsa, produced by Said Hakim Sepas
in Germany. Unlike previous albums, it contains primarily Ghazals (an
ancient Persian form of verse).

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Author: World Music Central News Department

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