Oliver Mtukudzi Comments on Nhava, His New Album

Zimbabwean guitarist, vocalist and songwriter

Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi
has an ew recording entitled Nhava. It is
the latest installment in Heads Up International’s critically acclaimed
Heads Up Africa series.

Mtukudzi says the new album – named after the Zimbabwean word for “carrying bag”
– is a satchel filled with nuggets of advice, encouragement and wisdom for
travelers on the journey of life as they make their way through an
often-perilous world.
Every song on this album has something to teach about life, something to
remind you and encourage you about what is important in life
,” says Mtukudzi.
All of these ideas are universal. They are the same for every human being,
regardless of their culture or their environment.

Nhava rises above the often troubled dynamics shaping the socio-political
landscape of his native country and the surrounding region, and instead
addresses the most universal aspects of the human condition. “For me,
politics is about people who have special interests and personal agendas
says Mtukudzi. “I’m not trying to write political songs. The moment you do
that, you start standing in favor of a particular person, or a particular party,
or a particular class of people. But music is supposed to be for everybody. The
moment things become political, you’re segregating people and groups. You can’t
be political without establishing opposite ideas and opposite sides

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