Fuji Vibes and Afrobeat: Brothers Keepers Mastermind Bantu Joins Piranha

Berlin, Germany – Fuji Satisfaction – Soundclash In Lagos (Piranha PIR-CD1998) is the latest album Nigerian/German musical collective Brothers Keepers. The band plays “heavy Yoruba drumming, arabesque instrumentation and soaring multipitched vocals blending into a sound that commands attention and
forces to dance along
. Fuji music is the fast paced sound blazing in the streets of the fastest growing metropolis of the world, Lagos.
Brothers Keepers’ mastermind, Ade Bantu, together with Fuji music master Adewale Ayuba and Fela Kuti’s original guitar player Kologbo Oghene -, have teamed up to push the Fuji trend even further and create a whole new blend of styles: Fuji vibes, Afrobeat, Ragga flows and Pidgin Raps.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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