Battle of the Salsa bands Round II: Bio Ritmo vs. Willie Gomez

Chicago, USA – The winner of February 26th Battle of the
Salsa Band between Hector Sliveira and Willie Gomez will face off
against Bio Ritmo on Saturday, April 16 10:30pm, at Hot house in chicago.
Tickets are: $15.

For the past twelve years, Bio Ritmo has treated audiences across
America to its own unique and inspiring vision of what a salsa band can
be. Beginning with its birth in 1991 as a rhythm driven drummer’s
ensemble, Bio Ritmo has sought to connect with its fans every second it
spends on stage and with every song it commits to record. With each of
its first three recordings Bio Ritmo introduced fans to entirely
different facets of its sound.Embracing the stripped-down and straight-up street-wise salsa sound so
rare in today’s contemporary Latin music scene, Bio Ritmo’s "old schools
with a twist" approach is converting skeptics and delighting dancers
across the globe.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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