World Music and Ecology

Bulgaria – On April 8, Club Ethno & Art and world music band Lot
Lorien organized a planting of trees and bushes in the national monument of
culture of Bulgaria, Aladja Monastery, near the city of Varna.

The initiative is on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of “Week of the
” in Bulgaria. There is a tradition of planting in the selected area,
started by Czech brother Shkorpil, pioneer of modern Bulgarian archeology,
culture and ecology.Organizers chose this place, because Aladja Monastery is one of the most
charismatic places on the Black Sea coast, bringing many visitors from all
around the world every year.

At this place there were several world music concerts and a world music festival
is planned in the near future.

The idea of the ecological initiative is from world music band Lot Lorien,
artists Nikolay and Marina Roussevi and computer designer Svetlan Stefanov.

Organizers believe that there is a connection between world music and ecology.
World music is tolerance between the people from all around the world and
ecology is tolerance with the nature.

Lot Lorien came from Lothlorien, which means magical forest of the elves in J.R.
Tolkien’s books.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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