First International Imzad Symposium

Tamanrasset, Algeria – The First International Imzad Symposium
organized by the “Save the Imzad Association” with the support of UNESCO, aims
at promoting awareness of this instrument, its role in Tuareg culture and in
today’s world, as a referent for women and a tool against poverty.

Speakers from 12 countries will be present and, in particular, musicians from
Mali and Niger as well as Algeria, countries where the Imzad is still in use.
UNESCO has promoted an Imzad training program for 40 girls who will receive
their diplomas at the seminar. This activity is part of the interdisciplinary
project for the fight against poverty (Millennium goal) “the Sahara of cultures
and peoples” which aims to promote sustainable development and poverty reduction
based on preservation and revitalization of the tangible and intangible cultural

The 2003 Convention on the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage
will be presented during the Seminar: Algeria is the first Member State to
adhere to this instrument.

[Photo Joueuse d’imzad, Tamanrasset © L. Veirier / UNESCO].

Author: World Music Central News Department

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