Mahalaxmi at Sree Sanmukhananda Sangeetha sabha Festival, Delhi

The festival featured yet another young artist on 1st March ’05- Ms.
Mahalaxmi, a coming up artist from the capital.

The concert started with a kriti of Tyagaraja in the raga Mayamalavagaulai
followed by Atana kriti ‘Anupama Gunambudhi’which were well attempted. ‘Sada
mahim’ of Tyagaraja in Gambhiravani was a good choice for the evening. The raga
alapana in Kharaharapriya was well rendered and the kirtana ‘Ramani samana’ with
niraval swaras was good. With a sprite Nenarunchi Nanu in Malavi, it was time
for the main piece in Panthuvarali – Raghuvara, which was appreciable. The
following tukdas Anumanai Anudinam ninai, Brindavane venu, valli kanavan and the
concluding song of Bharathiar Chinnachiru kiliye was very well presented. The
accompanists Sh. VSK Chakrapani on violin gave a very good support and Sh. K.N.
Padhmanabhan excelled in his tani avartanam, which was well applauded. The second part of the day was staged with Hyderabad sisters Ms Lalitha and
Haripriya who are very well known artists in the field of Carnatic music.

This was a Classic Example of A Gem of Purest Ray Serene. The Kriti
renderings are marked by clarity, purity and evinces good lineage. Gifted with
good voice the Hyderabad Sisters drew great respect from the audience. Also here
was a sort of indication of all artists performing for the Shanmuganandha Sabha
have spl. Rapo with it and give out their best. Commencement of the concert with
Ninne Bhajana in Nata raga was itself showed the class of the artists. Handling
of raga Shadvidamargini with a kriti of Tiruvottiyur Tyagayya was of high order
and was very well presented. The violinist Sh. Raghavendra followed the alapana
and kriti with maturity and clarity. The Tyagaraja Kriti in Mohanam- Mati Mati
ki in M. Chapu was a rare piece and deserve great appreciation for the way the
raga alapana was rendered eloboratly and then the presentation of the kriti with
its niraval, swara kalpana and the kuraippu and mohras.

It was then time for light ragas and tukdas and there again the sisters showed
their competence by singing Sanchalam Theeramma, Pahi Kalyana rama and the
finale by a Tillana in Mand. The evening ended with a nice mangalam and standing
ovation from the audience. Palladam Ravi and Tiruchi Murali on the Mridangam and
Ghatam stood to their best in the accompaniment both with the artists and on
Tani avartanam. Sh Raghavendra, gave an excellent support on the violin.

[Photo 1: Mahalakshmi; Photo 2: the Hyderabad Sisters].

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