Sree Sanmukhananda Sangeetha sabha Festival, Delhi, 05th day concerts

On the concluding session of the Shanmukhananda Sangeetha Sabha at Andhra
Bhawan, Sh. Kanna Kumar, from the Delhi University was featured in the first
part of the day. He commenced the concert with a varnam in Simhavahini which is
rarely heard. Then again a rare raga – Veeravansantham – a janya of Varunapriya
(24th Mela) in which there is only one song of Tyagaraja- Yemani Pogadudura
which well attempted. Thereafter Syama Sastry’s kriti in Gauli Panthu (Tharunamidamma)and
Nannuvidachi in Ritigaulai were good. The main piece of the evening was
Poorvikalyani with Tyagaraja’s Paripurna kama. Sh Padhmanabhan gave an excellent
support to the artist and his Tani avartanam uplifted the atmosphere. The
concluding pieces in Manirangu with Annamacharya kriti and Brahmam okate was
very well rendered. Sh Chakrapani gave good violin support.Second half of the evening was by Maharajapuram Sh. S. Ramachandran with Sh.
MA Sundareswaran on violin and Thruvarur Vaidyanathan on the mridangam. He
started with mayamalagaulai and then Sri Mahaganapathe in raga Natta- a
compostition of Sivasakthi. The chittaswaram and the swara prastharas were of
high order and very excellently rendered. The artist was in a relaxed and to the
best of his mood. The concert was literally a scintillating and spirited concert
right from the word go. Then again a ganapanchaka raga Arabhi with Swathi
Tirunals’ Kriti Narasimha Mamava in K. Chapu. One could experience all the
aspects of raga lakshana in the raga deliniation with prominent proyogas of
janta swara and dattu varisa phrases. It gave an auspicious feeling with the
raga and kriti aptly fitting into it. The Vivadi mela raga Sucharitra (67th Mela)
with the composition of Koteeswara Iyer was exemplary. Then the 14 raga piece on
lord Muruga was very exquisitely managed and rendered.

Rest of the evening was listeners choice on Raghavendra swami, the famous
Vilayada idu nerama and other light songs very frequently heard from the late Sh,.
Santanam (artists’ father). The violin accompanists Sh. MA Sundareshwaran too
evoked nostalgia of Sh. MS. Anantharaman, doyan in the violin field. The depth
fingering of Tiruvarur Sh. Vaidyanathan brought sparkle in the ambiance.

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