Harry Remmers Dies While Attending Folk Alliance Conference

Harry Remmers, a Lifetime member of the Folk Alliance, died in Montréal while
attending the conference. Although his name was not known to the general
audience listening to folk radio or sitting in the hall at a folk music event,
to many working in the folk world he is a patron and a hero. Harry was
passionately dedicated to acoustic music and gave generously to artists and
festivals, supporting the Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival, the Country Roads
Festival, and countless individual recording projects by musicians. He was a
constant figure at folk events in the DC area and a regular presence at
Kerrville, Falcon Ridge, and The Folk Alliance. Says Sherri Panzer, a good friend of Harry’s, “Harry appeared to be a quiet man
until you got him talking about one of his passions like folk music or travel
and he was a transformed man…his face would glow, his enthusiasm obvious, and
he could jabber on and on. What a pleasure it was to watch. But those occasions
were rare. What most people saw was someone who kept to himself, though that was
far from the reality. Harry worked incredibly hard and in his limited free time
quietly supported an amazing number of family and friends. He opened doors for
new performers by talking about them with fellow folkies and, helping them
produce their CDs. If he found a performer or CD he liked, he’d pass it around
to his friends (I’ve still got three of his CDs at home.) He helped some who
couldn’t afford to attend festivals to attend with him. The breadth of his
support is mind boggling. And amazingly he provided the same loving, caring
support to each one of his 11 brothers and sisters, and his parents, who loved
and will miss him very dearly. We will all miss him

[Obituary courtesy of the Folk Alliance].

Author: World Music Central News Department

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