Sree Sanmukhananda Sangeetha sabha Festival, Delhi, 04th day concerts

On Monday the 28th Feb’2005, the festival started with the concert of Vechoor
Shri C. Sankar and Party. He started with a Tyagaraja kriti in Sriranjani (Brochevarevarura)
and then ‘Santhamulekha’in Sama raga which was an elaborate piece. Thelialeru
rama in Dhenuka raga of St. Tyagaraja was delivered very well and then the raga
alapana in Madhyamavathi was well rendered with care and good manodarma. The
kirtana – ‘Rama Katha Sudha’ was very ably handled with good tala kattu and kala
pramanam. One can certainly certify the good padandaram in the presentation of
niraval and swara kalpana that is very much appreciable. The accompaniments Sh.
HN Bhaskar gave very good violin support and Kalakad Sh. Srinivasan on the
Mridangam ably supported the artist.In the Second half Smt. Jayanthi Mohan, who is a regular visiting artist of
Shanmukhananda Sabha was staged . As per the trend of the day the concert
commenced with a Kriti of Tyagaraja ‘ Manasuloni ‘ followed by Nasikabhushani –
Maravairi ramani. Perhaps the weather did not cooperate with the artist and a
slightly lower sruti would have been much appreciated and comfortable too. The
raga alapana in Latangi and the kriti of Pattanam Subramaniam Iyer – Marivere in
K. Chapu was well attempted. The raga alapana followed by the violinist is worth
mentioning and was of high order. Sh. Bhaskar’s support to the artist was a boon
and boosted the atmosphere.

The main piece in Thodi – Kadanavariki was a good selection and the niraval
and swara kalpana showed the MLV style of music to which the artist belong to.
Palladam Sh. Ravi on the Mridangam and Trichy Murali on Ghatam gave a very good
Tani Avartanam with clear Chol Kattu presented by them- specially on Ghatam by

Author: Ms. Lakshmi