British MPs deplore Hot 97’s racist Tsunami Song

British parliamentarians have deplored the racist tsunami song aired over Hot 97, the hip hop radio station in New York.

Parliamentarians of all parties have objected to the tsunami song aired for over
a week on Hot 97 and sung by Miss Jones and a team. Two members of the team have
been fired by Emmis Radio.

The Hot 97 tsunami song has angered people all over the world – including
tsunami hit countries. The latest death toll:298,055. The tsunami was no joke to
the following countries:East Africa 137 (Including Kenya, Seychelles, Somalia, Tanzania and Madagascar)
Bangladesh 2
Burma 59
India 16,389
Indonesia 228,948
Malaysia 74
Maldives 82
Sri Lanka 43,832
Thailand 8,506

British MPs of all parties have signed the early day motion 638 which reads:

Hot 97’s Racist Tsunami Song

‘ That this House deplores the racist Tsunami Song aired on Hot 97 radio station
in New York; calls upon Richard Cummings, President of Emmis Radio, to take firm
action against those who aired the song beyond the temporary suspension; and
commends the heartfelt tsunami song composed by British Sri-Lankan Nimal Mendis.

EDM 638 was sponsored by the highly influential British parliamentarian,
Linda Perham, MP for Ilford North. The Chinese Community in the UK has protested
about the song.

Many are calling for the resignation of Miss Jones. US President George Bush has
been urged to take action over Emmis Radio and Hot 97 as they have brought
America into disrepute.

Tsunami Song

Date aired: Morning of January 18TH-27TH 2005 (multiple airings)
Station call letters: WQHT-New York (Hot 97)
Offending DJs: Miss Jones and Todd Lynn
Offending lyrics:

“There was a time, when the sun was shining bright
So I went down to the beach to catch me a tan
Then the next thing I knew
A wave 20 feet high came and wash your country away
And all at once, you can hear the screaming chinks.
And then no one was save from the wave.
There was Africans drowning, little Chinaman swept away
You can heard god laughing, swim you *censored*es swim.

So now you’re screwed, it’s the tsunami,
You better run and kiss your ass awake, go find your mommy
I just saw her float by, a tree right through her head.
And now your children will be sold in child slavery.

(Imitating Micheal Jackson)
“Oh on, please not the kids. I’ll pay for all the kids.
all the little Indonesian kid, the little Asian kids, the Chinese kids.
the black, oh well, not the Black kids.
the White kids, the Puerto Rican kids.
I love them all. I’ll pay for everything.
I promise I won’t touch them.”

People all over the world wishing to protest are requested to write to their
local American Embassy and to –

Hot 97 WQHT-FM
395 Hudson Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10014
Phone: 212-229-9797
Fax: 212-929-8559
Barry Mayo, General Manager
John Dimick, Program Director

Emmis Communications
One Emmis Plaza
40 Monument Circle, Suite 700
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317-266-0100
Fax: 317-631-3750
Jeffrey H Smulyan, Chairman and CEO

Federal Communications Commission
Enforcement Bureau, Investigations and Hearings Division
445 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20554
Phone: 1-888-CALL-FCC

To listen to Hot 97’s tsunami song:

Author: asiaradionews