The Hybrid Sounds of Aram Danesh

Marin County, California, USA – Guitarist and songwriter Aram Danesh has

The Spot
, a new CD with his band The Super Human Crew. Offered
through Mammoth Entertainment, and produced by Adam Berkowitz, The Spot is a collection of eight new tunes with eclectic influences of Latin, hip-hop,
reggae, electronica, jazz and Middle Eastern music.

The album ranges from the hip-hop funk of “I Did It” to the Latin-jazz rhythms
and soul vocals of “Sem Contencao” (The Rhythm Will Conquer). Raised as a child in Iran, and later living in Switzerland, Germany, France and
finally the United States, Aram Danesh’s multi-cultural upbringing has infused
his guitar playing and music with a number of different cultural elements,
styles, genres, and languages. Danesh has been profoundly influenced by a
variety of musicians, including late fifties jazz artists like John Coltrane,
internationally acclaimed songwriter Peter Gabriel, and contemporary jazz
hip-hop artist Courtney Pine, among others. He has shared the stage with Carlos
Santana, Clarence Clemmons, Henry Butler and Ravi Coltrane. Danesh has performed
extensively in the Bay Area, including at the North Beach Jazz Festival and the
Black and White Ball.

Bringing musicians together to accomplish some of the musical goals I have
had for a long time has been extremely rewarding. I hope that my music speaks to
many people…hopefully a reflection of the many different cultural influences in
the compositions
,” says Aram Danesh.

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