Rupande Shah Recorded live at the Saptak Festival in Gujarat

UK – Indian classical music singer Rupande Shah has a new album, Aanand, recorded live at Saptak Festival in Gujarat. She is accompanied by Matang Parikh on tabla and Raju Gandharva on harmonium. The recording, on Sense World music, includes Raga Kedar: 1. Khayal ‘Sej Nis Nind na Aaye’ in Vilambit Ektaal (12 beats – slow) and 2. Khayal ‘Chatur Sughar Balama Re’in Drut Ektaal (12 beats – fast); and Raga Basant: 3. Khayal ‘Phoolwa Ab Phool Rahi Baname’ in Madhya Teentaal (16 beats – medium), 4. Khayal ‘Sarasarang Phool Rahe’ in Drut Ektaal (12 beats – fast). Rupande Shah has made a major contribution to the development of cultural and music institutions in Gujarat through her inspiring performances and teaching. From her childhood, she was initiated in various performing arts under the guidance of Shri Raosaheb Mhasker of Gwalior Gharana.

Her training in music with Shri Raosaheb Mhasker was carried out in the background for about fifteen years when dancing was her main focus. She devoted herself to Rabindra Sangeet, songs of the celebrated Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore, and Ghazal singing under Shri Surendra Jaitley and was a performing member of the ‘Feetale’ Group. After that she began to train very seriously in Classical Music. Ustad Gulam Kadir Khan, Pandit Manirmji and Ustad Gulam Ahmed Khan imparted her intensive training. Finally Pandit Rajan Mishra guided her in the Benares Gharana style, helping her to expand her repertoire and initiated her in the finer points of concert performance.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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