Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Present The Seventh Annual Native American Music Awards – Nominees Announced

The Seventh Annual Native American Music Awards, or
Nammys, will be held Thursday, February 10th, 2005 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The highly anticipated arrival of the Awards ceremony at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino promises to be an extraordinary and unprecedented celebration of contemporary music by Native
American artists to date.

Featuring over 30 awards presentations in all music genres, and ten live music performances, this year’s program will also be the
most innovative, visually advanced production in the organization’s history despite already being acclaimed for having “all the professionalism and  production values of much larger events like the Grammy Awards and the American Music Awards” (American Federation of Radio Television Artists). The Awards
show will be a limited seating VIP Only event in the Hard Rock’s Club Showroom, with a post show Party expected for later that evening“This year’s nominees feature an eclectic mix of exciting and young artists to the more seasoned musicians who are taking their creative abilities to another level.” said Ellen Bello, Founder/CEO of the Native American Music Awards.

Topping this year’s nominations are; Felipe Rose of The Village People who received four nominations for his solo recording Red Hawk Woman, and Douglas Blue Feather for his latest effort, Star Nations. Smoke Signal’s Jim Boyd, Grammy winner Mary
, sax player and poet Joy Harjo, South America’s Yarina and Nashville’s Qua Ti Si all garnered three nominations each. Earning two nominations each are: Annie Humphrey, Blackfire, Brian Hammill, Burnt, Cozad, Eli Secody, 10 year old Evren Ozan, Jay Nez, Jimmy Lee Young, Joanne Shenandoah, former Shalamar member, Micki Free, No Two Horns, Northern Cree, R. Carlos Nakai, Rain Song, Randy Wood, Tha Tribe, Thunderbeat, Tiger Tiger and Walela.

Over 150 national music recordings were submitted for nomination consideration for the Seventh Annual Native American Music Awards. Nominee submissions were made by the NAMA Advisory and Industry members. Eligible recordings must have been commercially released from April 1, 2003 thru June 30, 2004 and have national distribution. Winners of the Seventh Annual Native American Music Awards will be determined through membership mail-in ballots and a national voting campaign now open to the general public at

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is South Florida’s leading entertainment destination with an average daily payout of $5.9 million. The 500-room hotel offers several restaurants and lounges, a 16,000 sq. ft. grand ballroom, a full-service, European-style spa and an adjacent complex of 22 retail shops, nine restaurants and 10 nightclubs.

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is the newest location for this annual awards show that has been held in front of sold-out audiences in theaters and amphitheaters throughout the Southwest, Midwest and Northeast. Previous honorees and award recipients include; Robbie Robertson, R. Carlos Nakai, Crystal Gayle, Kitty Wells, Rita Coolidge, Neville Brothers, Indigenous, Joanne Shenandoah, Robert Mirabal, Bill Miller and the late Jimi Hendrix. The Awards show was created to provide greater national awareness and recognition for Native America’s rich and diverse musical talent and growing appeal. It has received wide critical
praise from both national and international media such as; USA Today, Associated Press, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Billboard Magazine, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, La Voce Italiana and France’s International Herald Tribune. The Awards organization also assisted in the creation of a Native music Grammy category in
2001 and continues to maintain the nation’s largest Native American music archive.

The Seventh Annual Native American Music Awards is sponsored by; The Seminole Tribe of Florida, The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, Native Radio, Zavacom Productions, and Star Seeker Entertainment. For ticket information, call (212) 228-8300 or visit

Nammy Nominees:

A. Artist of the Year
1 Joseph Firecrow w Billings Symphony “Signature – Parmly’s Dream” (Papamouse)
2 Litefoot “Native American Me” (Red Vinyl)
3 Mary Youngblood “Feed The Fire” (SilverWave)
4 R. Carlos Nakai “Sanctuary” (Canyon)
5 Verdell Primeaux “Peyote Songs” (CR)

B. Best Blues/Jazz Recording
1 Cecil Gray & Red Dawn Blues Band “Indian Harmony” (CG)
2 Jan Michael Looking Wolf Reibach “Native Blues” (Cedarfer)
3 Joy Harjo “Native Joy For Real” (Mekko)
4 Marc Cary-Indigenous People “Native Go Go Rhythms Please”
5 The Red Corn Band “Red Corn Sessions” (AB)

C. Best Compilation Recording
1 Compilation 19 Artist “The Rizing: Best of Native Hip Hop 2004”
2 Northern Cree & Friends “Honoring Singers & Songmakers Vol 2”
3 R. Carlos Nakai “In Beauty, We Return. The Best of” (Canyn)
4 Various “Best of the Best Vol 2” (Cool Runnings)
5 Various “Voices Across The Canyon Volume 6” (Canyon)

D. Debut Artist/Group of the Year
1 Bad Moon Rising “Southern” (Cool Runnings)
2 Burnt – Project 1 “The Avenue” (Sunshine)
3 Jay Nez “My Family” (Dream 1)
4 Rain Song “Rising Son” (Soar)
5 Steve Williams “Change” (CPR)

E. Best Female Artist
1 Joanne Shenandoah “Covenant” (SilverWave)
2 Joy Harjo “Native Joy For Real” (Mekko)
3 Kimberly Dawn “Healing Jane” (Sunshine)
4 Qua Ti Si “Through Indian Eyes” (Shadagea)
5 Yolanda Martinez “Native Heartbeat” (Legends Alive)

F. Best Folk/Country Recording
1 Annie Humphrey “Edge of America” (Makoche’)
2 Ga-Li “From The Outside In” (RW)
3 Jim Boyd “Going To The Stick Games” (Thunderwolf)
4 Qua Ti Si “Through Indian Eyes” (Shadagea)
5 Seymour – Snow “Home Grown” (Ekko)

G. Flutist of the Year
1 Billy Whitefox “When The Wind Sings” (Singing Wolf)
2 Douglas Blue Feather “Star Nations” (Spirit Hawk)
3 Eddie Three Eagles “Long Trail Home” (Manitou)
4 Robert Tree Cody “Reflections” (Canyon)
5 Terry Tsotigh “Prairie Rain” (Blackbear)

H. Gospel/Christian Recording
1 Cherokee National Youth Choir “Jesus Is Born Today”
2 Evan Lee “Heavenly” (CPR)
3 Rain Song “Rising Son” (Soar)
4 Rezawrecktion “It’s Time” (Lions Den)
5 Robern Talkalai “John 3:16” (Talkalai)

I. Duo/Group of the Year
1 Blackfire “Woody Guthrie Singles” (Tacoho)
2 Northern Cree “Rezonate…Live at Saddle Lake” (Cyn)
3 Tha Tribe “Mad Hops and Crazy Stops” (Cyn)
4 Walela “Live In Concert” (Rich-Heape)
5 Yarina “Nawi” (Yari)

J. Best Historical Recording
1 Cozad “California Pow Wow” (Soar)
2 D. Norman “Buffalo Sky” (Soar)
3 Felipe Rose “Red Hawk Woman” (Tomahawk)
4 Masie Shenandoah &Liz Robert “Sisters:Oneida Iroquois Hymns” (S)
5 No Two Horns “A Gallery of Art and Exploits” (Makoche’)

K. Best Independent Recording
1 Charlie Wayne Watson “Waking Spirit” (Desert Winds)
2 Eagle Cloud “Canhiya Voice of the Wood” (Star Eagle)
3 Kansas Begaye “Beauty of the Spirit” (KB)
4 Michael Jacobs “They Come Dancing” (MJ)
5 Stan Summers “Walkin’ n Fire” (CPR)

L. Best Instrumental Recording
1 Arvel Bird “Big Chief Quetoos” (Singing Wolf)
2 Echo Greywolf “The Gathering Field” (Sunshine)
3 Evren Ozan “As Things Could Be” (Point of Light)
4 Joseph Firecrow w Billings Symphony “Signature – Parmly’s Dream”
5 Spirit of the Nations “Spirit of the Nations” (Sunshine)

M. Best Male Artist
1 Eli Secody “Butterfly” (Secody)
2 Felipe Rose “Red Hawk Woman” (Tomahawk)
3 Jay Begaye “Songs of Colors” (Canyon)
4 Jimmy Lee Young “Maya” (Crystal Feather)
5 Randy Wood “Round Dance Blues” (Canyon)

N. Best New Age Recording
1 Douglas Blue Feather “Star Nations” (Spirit Hawk)
2 Evren Ozan “As Things Could Be” (Point of Light)
3 JJ Kent “Come & Get To Know Me” (Swinging Wolf)
4 Joanne Shenandoah “Covenant” (SilverWave)
5 Thunderbeat “Mayan Landing 2012” (Thundervision)

O. Best Pop/Rock Recording
1 Blackfire “Woody Guthrie Singles” (Tacoho)
2 Dying Tribe “Represent” (Tribal Relic)
3 Holy Wrath – Ramondo Emerson “Holy Wrath” (CPR)
4 The 9 featuring Micki Free “Ruff Masters” (Island)
5 Tiger Tiger “Peace From the Everglades” (TTM)

P. Best Pow Wow Recording
1 Black Lodge, Star Society, Mocassin Flats “Blackfoot Pow Wow” (Soar)
2 Cozad “California Pow Wow” (Soar)
3 Mystic River Singers “Mystic River Evolution” (Red Bear)
4 Tha Tribe “Mad Hops and Crazy Stops” (Canyon)
5 Young Bird “YB Style” (Canyon)

Q. Best Producer
1 David Swenson “Edge of America” (Makoche’)
2 Rose, Lawson, Morris “Red Hawk Woman” (Tomahawk)
3 Stephen Butler “Round Dance Blues” (Canyon)
4 Tom & Robby Bee “Blackfoot Pow Wow” (Soar)
5 Tom Wasinger & Mary Youngblood “Feed The Fire” (SWave)

R. Best Rap/Hip Hop Recording
1 Buggin Malone “Birth of a Warrior” (Oarfin)
2 Jay Nez “My Family” (Dream 1)
3 JSD “Rezmade” (Rezmade)
4 Nightshield “Nightshield-Kataztrophik” (Nightshield)
5 Shadowyze “Red Hawk Woman” (Tomahawk)

S. Record of the Year
1 Burning Sky “A Simple Man” (Canyon)
2 Douglas Blue Feather “Star Nations” (Spirit Hawk)
3 Jim Boyd “Going To The Stick Games” (Thunderwolf)
4 Mary Youngblood “Feed The Fire” (SilverWave)
5 Micki Free “The Micki Free Experience” (Island)

T. Song/Single of the Year
1 Jim Boyd ‘Fry Bread Line’ (Thunderwolf)
2 Jimmy Lee Young ‘One Voice One Cry” (Crystal Feather)
3 Qua Ti Si ‘Darkhorse’ (Shadagea)
4 Tiger Tiger ‘Haya’ (TTMusic)
5 Yarina ‘O-Ja-Ja Native’ (Yari)

U. Songwriter of the Year
1 Annie Humphrey “Edge of America” (Makoche’)
2 Douglas Blue Feather “Star Nations” (Spirit Hawk)
3 Felipe Rose “Red Hawk Woman” (Tomahawk)
4 James Seals “James Seals Unplugged” (Plumb)
5 Joy Harjo “Native Joy For Real” (Mekko)

V. Best Spoken Word Recording
1 Gregg Howard “Cherokee Warrior Stories” (Ind Peoples)
2 Mary Louise Defender Wilson “The Way We Are” (Makoche’)
3 No Two Horns “A Gallery of Art and Exploits” (Makoche’)
4 Red Hawk & Nino Reyos “The Songs Remember” (Mega)
5 Sapokniona White Feather “Master Meditations” ( Hawk)

W. Best Traditional Recording
1 Clark Tenakhongva “Hear My Song, Hear My Prayer” (Cyn)
2 Eli Secody “Butterfly” (Secody)
3 Ralph Kotay “Kiowa Hymms” (UNP)
4 Randy Wood “Round Dance Blues” (Canyon)
5 Ray and Rhonda “Together As One” (Sunshine)

X. Best Short or Long Form Video
1 Brian Hammill “Echos In The Canyon” (Native Spirit)
2 John Two Hawks “Wild Eagles” (Circle Studios)
3 Miller, Shenandoah & Nakai “Songs of the Spirit” (KNME)
4 Redtale “Redtale-Live at the Ryman” (EKKO)
5 Walela “Walela Live In Concert” (Rich Heape Films)

Y. Best World Music Recording
1 Brian Hammill “New Beginnings” (Native Spirit)
2 Burnt – Project 1 “The Avenue” (Sunshine)
3 Gale Revilla “Liquid Visions” (Morning Star)
4 Thunderbeat “Mayan Landing 2012” (Thundervision)
5 Yarina “Nawi” (Yari)

Z. Native Heart
1 Autumn’s Child featuing Mark Holland “Four Winds” (CS)
5 Kris Delorenzi “Beautiful Great One”
7 Scott August “Sacred Dreams” (Cedar Mesa)
8 Spooky Actions “Songs of the Nations” (Muse Eek)
9 William Eaton Ensemble “Sparks and Embers” (Canyon)

Author: Angel Romero

Angel Romero y Ruiz has been writing about world music music for many years. He founded the websites and Angel produced several TV specials for Metropolis (TVE) and co-produced “Musica NA”, a music show for Televisión Española (TVE) in Spain that featured an eclectic mix of world music, fusion, electronica, new age and contemporary classical music. Angel also produced and remastered world music albums, compilations and boxed sets for Alula Records, Ellipsis Arts, Music of the World.