Haydamaky participate in protests in Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine – Ukrainian world music band

is participating in the protests that are tasking place in Kyiv
(Kiev) against the disputed presidential election results. A band spokesman
said: “All Ukrainian intelligence, all progressive forces are joined in
a multi-thousand demonstration on the central square and the main street of
Ukrainian capital. People of all regions of Ukraine are coming to Kyiv to protect
democracy and struggle against the criminal regime which invited foreign troops
to spill the blood of their own people
!”Haydamaky, in honor
of the historical Haydamaky rebellion/revolution which took place in Ukraine in
the 18th century. This rebellion was a reaction of Ukrainian peasants and serfs
against repressive foreign occupation.

Recently, the band released their second album, Boguslav. This time the
group searched even deeper into Ukrainian folk music for material, ideas, and
textures. The ensemble invited violinist Vasyl Hekker, perhaps the foremost
authority on authentic Ukrainian folk violin style, to collaborate on the

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