Papa Ladji

The Elephant has come and taken back the spirit left 81 years

We say an elephant never forgets. The elephant waited for Papa Ladji Camara to
finished his work on this earth.

And such a great and wonderful work he did. That of teaching and sharing the
great heritage that was his and his family’s. Teaching, teaching Drumming and
Dancing to Anyone who wanted or desired it. Being in Papa Ladji’s presence; attending marriages or wedding ceremonies,
drumming classes he taught, and just listening afforded me a small look at this
great person. Papa Ladji was the embodiment of talent and humility. He had so
much knowledge and he was so humble. One could not help but have a humbling
experience once in his presence.

Africa has given the world so much in the way of knowledge and tradition. We are
surly at a lost without these great Generals like Ladji.

Prayers should be spoken asking the Most High to allow us more people from the
homelands like Ladji. We need them to help us move ahead into the future. We
need TRADITIONS from a past such as was had by Ladji Camara.

Peace be unto him as he travels. A hope that he is able to look upon us with
more Blessings for us from on High.

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Jembe Legend Papa Ladji Camara, dead at age 81

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