Speaking the Mamma Tongue, John McDowell album release

John McDowell (composer, keyboardist, percussionist) has recorded the soundtrack for the film Born Into Brothels. This documentary is a story about children of prostitutes in Calcutta, India and the kids’ experiences using cameras to express themselves in an attempt to create another type of life. For Born Into Brothels he joined forces with music producer Daniel
Baruch and sound editor Tom Paul, conjuring up an aural landscape created out
the predominantly acoustic playing of musicians from many cultures, often
working with them in a collaborative process. Bass whisperings of Krishna Das
and soaring melodic ragas of Steve Gorn’s bamboo flute were skillfully combined
with Indian strings, Renaissance serpent, an Armenian duduk as well as a full
range of world percussion instruments.

On January 24. 2004, the film was honored with the Audience Award for
Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival.

Author: kuku