A Chinese Guitar Concerto

Athens, Greece – Internationally renowned guitarist
will premiere the For Eva guitar concerto dedicated to her by the Taiwanese composer, Yiu-kwong Chung.
The concert is organized by Athens Municipality Cultural Organization and it
will take place on Tuesday October 19th, at the Melina Cultural Center, 

The whole event is organized to celebrate the memory of Dimitri Fampas, the great Greek guitarist, composer and professor who passed away eight years ago and features also music by Vivaldi, Dimitri Fampas and Andersen Viana from Brazil,
with the participation of Athens State Orchestra string ensemble, Eva Fampas and Dimitris Kasfikis, guitar and Costis Papazoglou, conductor.Guitarist Eva Fampas, praised by both the press and audiences worldwide for her excellent and very passionate performances, her virtuosity and musicality as well as her dedication to a unique, very original, fresh and
Mediterranean Greek repertoire, enjoys an international career with concert appearances all over the world, recitals, recordings, editions, awards and distinctions, world premieres of new works, TV and Radio presentations. She has toured extensively in Greece, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Thailand, India, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Italy, Bulgaria, Albania, Russia, Sweden, Poland, Spain, etc.

The For Eva concerto by Yiu-kwong Chung, although a contemporary work is rooted in the native Chinese cultures, a synthesis of Easter and Western cultures, built upon Chinese folk music language to expand the technical and musical horizons of modern guitar and to show the beauty of their co-existence in harmony.

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Author: arjankeka1@comca