Portuguese Songs at The Edge of Time in France

Modas à Margem do Tempo
Modas à Margem do Tempo
Next October 8, Portuguese band
Modas à Margem do Tempo will be performing for the first time in France to play at
the amphitheatre of Chartres. The show by Modas a Margem do Tempo (songs at the
edge of time) presents several subjects of the traditional culture of Alentejo
and confers to this music the arguments to listen the sung stories and other feelings, in a more universal and sophisticated format – traditional songs of Alentejo brought to the present time.

Fado comes from Lisbon (Portugal) and the “new fadistas” are those who bring a certain innovation to it. The same occurs with another kind of Portuguese music: The “Cante”.

Modas à Margem do Tempo are the interpreters of this new wave. The goal of the group is to combine “Cante” (folk music of Alentejo – Portugal) with elements of other musical traditions. Five musicians, of different generations, and with diversified musical
formations, from the band. Five voices, one cellist, two acoustics guitarists,
an accordionist and a percussionist bring an intimate style to Traditional Cante

Author: Lestat