Czech band Cankisou Releases its third CD, Gamagaj

Czech Republic – Czech band Cankisou is releasing its third CD, Gamagaj,
in September 2004. The band whose music is based on a story about one legged
Canki people is influenced by Arabic, African and Balkan folk music. Cankisou is
an “ethnobigbeat brassband” using musical instruments from all the world:
didjeridu, jembe, yabbara, flutes, saxophones, percussion, mandolin, bass
guitar, drums etc.Cankisou was established in 1999. The musicians, who were playing in various
bands, decided to get together to play world music. The band dug up an old
legend about Canki people, learned their language and collected musical
instruments from all around the world.  Concerts are often accompanied by
belly dancers.

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