Radical roots from Galicia

Xose Manuel Budiño – Zume de Terra

Xose Manuel Budiño – Zume de Terra (Boa, 2004)

Xosé Manuel Budiño is yet another young modernizing traditionalist emerging from the corners of Europe’s culturally depleted superstate. He’s a piper from Galicia and this release, the first to be widely available outside of Spain, moves on from his more acoustic debut and follow-up.

With a large group of collaborators from a wide variety of cultures, Budiño has created a very contemporary-sounding release with clear Galician roots. His trademark pipe sound permeates throughout and he’s been busy creating the soundscape for the tracks here too. Some solid-sounding programmed beats and sub-melodies give substance, though there are times when they come over a little heavy-handed. Guest singers include Cape Verdean Sara Tavares, Lilian Vieira from Brazil and Budiño’s more famous compatriot (and long-time collaborator) Mercedes Peón.

There are plenty of stand-out tunes, a couple that probably won’t last and one ‘secret track’ which, unheralded and unmentioned, features a number of vocalists and vocal styles from African, Indian and European origins – lovely stuff.

Author: dave atkin