Necati Celik – Omer Erdogdular Concert at Musical Workshop Labyrinth, Crete, Greece. 15-6-2004

Musical Workshop Labyrinth in Greece
Ud and Ney Seminar
Necati Celik and Omer Erdogdular Concert 15-6-2004

Necati Celik (ud) and Omer Erdogdular (ney) successfully held the Classical
Ottoman Music seminars at the Musical Workshop Labyrinth from the 10th till the
16th of June. Students from Greece , Turkey, Holland, Austria and other parts of
Europe attended the seminars in a wonderful musical atmosphere at the old stone
manor in the village of Choudetsi in Heraklion, Crete.Living all together in Choudetsi , the students had the unique opportunity
not only to listen to these great Turkish masters and attend their seminars, but
also to meet them personally, eat, laugh and play with them in an everyday
basis, a fact which takes the students much closer to the real core of the
musical tradition they explore…

One day before the end of the seminar the two great masters, together with
their sons Ahmet Erdogdular (one of the most important young exponents of the
Turkish vocal tradition) and Celalettin Celik (tanbour), eight Greek musicians
and Ross Daly himself, gave a wonderful concert of Classical Ottoman music on
the beautiful surrounding grounds Labyrinth. The first part consisted of old
Turkish pesrevs and sarkis sung by Ahmet Erdogdular in a unique way. The second
part was a breathtaking compilation of many old ilahis (dervish hymns) in which
many students took part playing together with their teachers.
Many concerts and seminars will take place at Musical Workshop Labyrinth all
during this Summer. Great masters from Turkey, Bulgaria, Iran, Afghanistan and
Azerbaijan will be coming to Crete during June , July and August to hold musical
seminars and concerts. Get informed about the program at (now available
in English). Contact information: Musical Workshop Labyrinth, Choudetsi Pediados
70, 100 Heraklion, Crete, Greece. Phone: +31 2810 741 027. E-mail:

Author: kellythoma