Cuando es MaƱana (Boa Recording 05002023, 2003)

Desechos recalls the Mexican musical melange, Los Abajos at times with its bouncy ska tunes and rap vocals. However, Los Abajos also tosses in traditional Mexican music into the pot. You won’t find much traditional flavors in Desechos’ songs, with the exception of Spanish guitar and rhythms that appear on the slow, groovy Reencuentro, the track that closes the CD. Of course, I’m not here to deprive people of their ska, rap or punk music. I am just surprised to find it within a pile of world
music CDs.

I am not an expert of these genres so I can leave few comments here. However, fans of this type of music could find this CD enjoyable, especially if they like musicians that mix it up.Eva Reina chips in strong and versatile vocals, switching from staccato rap numbers to more jazzy-funk style vocals on No Money.

Sax player Antonio Barreto adds spice to the ska tunes, Ragga al Tiempo, Ladrillo Listo and others. Parando en Seco with its tribal opening and interesting musical arrangement as well as, the funk song, Ya No Callo also rise above the alternative music genre. This music is many genres, but I am not sure that it is world music. This is just one person’s opinion.

Author: cranky crow