A young audience ready to dance the electrotango

Tanghetto - Emigrante (electrotango)
Tanghetto – Emigrante (electrotango)
With a great combination of European electronica and Argentinean Tango, Tanghetto, the electrotango band from Buenos Aires is making a great impact on the Argentinean music scene. Their debut album called Emigrante (electrotango) has made a crossover impact over some record stores in Buenos Aires, reaching number two on Tower Records Top 25 (Norah Jones held the top position).

People connected with their label, Constitution Music, reported that the record has top 5 impact on almost all the record stores that sell the CD and of course use in-store play as the major medium for airplay. Tanghetto’s success is partly helped by other artists in the neo tango scene like Ultratango and Bajo Fondo Tango Club, and that’s why electrotango music dominates the Argentinean tango charts (5 out of 10 albums from Argentina’s top internet tango shop tangostore.com are electrotango/neo
tango albums). They even get played at very conservative milongas. Ernestina Cavedo, a young tango dancer, says “it’s great that young Argentineans are playing
tango again, at least it’s quite refreshing
“…”it’s a great option for
people that don’t get much out of traditional tango or don’t like the way it
.” You can listen to some audio samples of their album at Tanghetto’s
Website, www.tanghetto.com

Author: aayaba