Labyrinth Musical Workshop/ Museum Of Musical Instruments

The Musical Workshop “Lavyrinthos”
(Labyrinth) was founded in 1982 by Ross Daly with the goal of initiating young
people, primarily, into a creative approach to traditional musical idioms from
various parts of the world. Today the M.W. Lavyrinthos, in cooperation with the
municipality “Nikos Kazantzakis,” has concentrated all of its activities in a
tastefully restored old manor in the village of Houdetsi (20 km due south of
Iraklion), where one can visit a permanent exhibition of rare musical
instruments from many parts of the world.Apart from the personal collection of Ross Daly himself, exhibitions of unique
collections of instruments belonging to other collectors will also be on display
from time to time, as well as exhibitions of the work of some of the best of
contemporary instrument makers worldwide.

Parallel to the exhibition of instruments, special musical seminars and
“master-classes”are organized at regular intervals featuring some of the
foremost master-musicians of the traditional music from various parts of the

In the instrument- making workshop, courses in the construction of musical
instruments will be offered for luthiers interested in broadening their
knowledge in new directions. For this purpose master craftsmen from various
traditions will be invited to share their knowledge with the participants in
these courses.

On the beautiful surrounding grounds of the Lavyrinthos, during the summer
months, concerts are frequently presented featuring some of the foremost
exponents of traditional musical idioms from all over the world.

Postal Address: Houdetsi Pediados,70 100 Heraklion, Crete, Greece. Phone: +30
2810 741 027. E-mail:

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