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Aaron English - All the Waters of the World
Aaron English – All the Waters of the World
Aaron English

All the Waters of the World (Independent release, 2004)

Seattle-based world traveler and musician Aaron English brings his life experiences and poetic talent to his 2002 debut CD, All the Waters of the World. Technically this is a rock album with a steady 4/4 beat for the most part, a drum kit, electric guitar, bass and programming. However, world beat instruments such as Hungarian-style violin, charango, flamenco guitar, accordion, didgeridoo, hurdy-gurdy, mbira, percussion and bouzouki do weave in and out of the mix, recalling such crossover acts as Afro-Celts (although Afro-Celts falls closer to world beat than rock music). It would be interesting to see Aaron explore traditional music further and in a more acoustic vein.Aaron English writes vibrant lyrics marry English romanticism with social-political commentaries. And he sings these lyrics in a raspy voice that recalls Peter Gabriel.

Some of the songs, such as, Sea of Nectar, Flower of Lebanon and Santiago travel to other places while others, travel deep into the human soul reminding us of the fragility of each moment. Aaron likes to play with words too which is evident on Animals like us, (in which words bounce off of each other, similar to a Kurt Vonnegut novel).

The Aaron English Band includes, Meredith Yayanos (violin), Miguel Mateus (electric bass), Don Gunn (drums, percussion, programming), Patrick Strole (guitars, hurdy-gurdy, bouzouki, percussion) and Aaron (vocals, piano, harpsichord, mbira, programming). Aaron and Patrick Strole produced all the
Waters of the World and it was recorded in an old barn located in South Seattle that was converted into a studio. A variety of Seattle’s world musicians embellish this debut recording. And in fact, for anyone wishing to delve into Seattle’s traditional music community might wish to pick up this disc.

Look for Aaron English Band on tour in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey in mid-March.

Author: cranky crow