Good Things by Paco de Lucía

Paco de Lucia - Cositas Buenas
Paco de Lucia – Cositas Buenas
Paco de Lucía

Cositas Buenas (Universal Music Spain/Verve-Blue Thumb 80001939-02, 2004)

It has taken five years for the renowned Flamenco guitar master from Spain to release a new album and it has been worth the wait. After living several years in the Mexican coast, de Lucia has returned to Spain. He has moved to the historical city of Toledo, about an hour south of Madrid, and he has reconnected with Spain’s thriving Flamenco scene and gotten inspiration from Toledo’s ancient Christian, Arabic and Sephardic musical roots.

Cositas Buenas (Good Things) includes several bulerías, one of the most difficult to perform flamenco styles for guitar players. Although mainly instrumental, some of the pieces include some of the hottest young Flamenco vocalists, such as Montse Cortés, Potito, Diego El Cigala, Tana and Paco.Thanks to CD recording technology, the buleria “Que Venga el Alma” has united the voice of legendary singer Camarón de la Isla (who passed way a few years ago) and the guitars of Paco de Lucía and Tomatito. Gypsy guitarist Tomatito is another legend in the world of flamenco guitar. He was Camarón’s accompanist for many years and is one of Spain’s most famous guitarists.

Paco de Lucía plays lead Flamenco guitar on all the songs, accompanied by percussion, including palmas (Flamenco handclapping) and cajón (the Afro-Peruvian box instrument that has been adopted by many New Flamenco artists in Spain). Nevertheless, he also plays other stringed instruments, which are less common in Flamenco music, such as the Spanish lute, bouzouki and mandolin.

The last track on the album is “Casa Bernardo,” a rumba that shows another of de Lucía’s passion: jazz. It features American trumpet player Jerry González, who now lives in Madrid.

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Author: Angel Romero

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