Automaton² (Automaton Square), new album of Murat Ses to be released in early 2004

Austria – With Automaton² planned to be released early 2004, Murat Ses
goes on to telling musical stories of his “impressions of the timeless and
boundless context of civilization
.” The album Automaton² (Automaton
may be regarded as the fourth solo album of Murat Ses’ body of work
which began with

, making the trilogy a quadrilogy.

According to Clou Records’s press release, Automaton² comes up with
new electronic, dance, ambient world songs which also have the hallmark of his
legendary fusion style known as Anadolu Pop (Grand Prix du Disque in
Paris, France, back then in the early 70s). All tracks have been composed during and following his stays in the U.S.A,
predominantly in San Francisco (California) and Miami (Florida). Additional to
new compositions such as Eau Gallie, Polk Street, Indian Creek,
there are new versions of former songs from the first

accessible to larger audiences:Tan 2, Valle
Marineris 2
, Nihal 2 and Dry Sun 2. Listeners of former albums
already know of some other beyond-the-borders-of-Turkey influences originating
in cultures of West Africa, the Indian Ocean, and Southeast Asia.

Listeners of the album will find a large number of field recordings,
including street sounds, some Afro-Cuban and Native American influences, all
flowing into Murat’s unique Turkic traditions. For further info check: and

Author: sven