Allan Ngumuya’s new CD “I’ve got hope” released on Blue Orbit Records

Indiana, USA – Blue Orbit Records has released I’ve Got Hope, Allan Ngumuya’s new CD.
The title of Allan’s album embodies the resilience, confidence and conviction
the gospel singer derives from his faith, and hopes to impart with his music.

Born and raised, in Malawi, Ngumuya comes from the poorest country in the
world. The average life span is 40 years old and expected to drop due to the
Aids epidemic. Allan started a relief organization, Migress Orphanage Care (of
which a portion of every CD sale goes to) to feed the young children who
literally live on the streets, most are victims of the aids epidemic – having
lost their parents to it. Currently this small African nation is also in the
midst of the worst food shortage in over 60 years. Allan believes that his music
also brings some emotional relief to the people of his country. He says “
Because I come from a country with so much death, most of the songs are love
songs, songs of hope, songs of appreciation and songs that say there is one
spirit, one God in the world that really cares about everyone
.”The songs on this album vary in style from smooth R and B, to a traditional Zulu
ingoma dance song, from funky upbeat jazz pieces to songs sung in his native
language. It includes musical guests such as guitarist Tim Tatum. For Allan
Ngumuya, it’s more than just “about the music”, it’s about the mission,
his mission.

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Author: doomsayer