A Musical Kaleidoscope from Hungary

Kiss Erzsi Music - Deladela
Kiss Erzsi Music – Deladela
Kiss Erzsi Music

Deladela (Bahia Music)

Kiss Erzsi Music makes fresh sounds in an irresistable kaleidoscope of musical
styles, topped sparkling vocals. Led by actor/singer Erzsi Kiss, the Hungarian
group has a remarkable knack for engaging rhythms, from the Middle-Eastern
flavor of the title track, to the hard-driving indie-rock sound of “Arö” to the
funky syncopated vocals of “Án Ájrere.”

Deladela is full of delightful surprises and genre-defying sounds. “Uuu,” for
example, begins with base and spare drums under a hypnotic vocal line that bears
the potential of jazz, or maybe punk.. Then the full instrumentation kicks in
with vocal harmonies, then some wild jazz drumming and a rap (or is it scatting?)
– and you’re left thinking: “How wonderful! What the heck is it?” The puzzled
wonderment continues into the next track, “Okatummate” an a capella delight of
multilayered female voices. And a complete change of pace comes with “Francia,”
a soft chanson with smooth French vocals, guitar and bass.”The unifying force in our music,” Erzsi Kiss said in a recent interview, “is language – a language which actually has no real meaning. It’s difficult to explain what this is – I’d call it a sort of musical language, because it’s born out of the laws that govern music, which can’t be ignored.”

Deladela concludes with one last flavor in the song “Reggae,” featuring a Jamaican beat but the same powerful, reedy, vocal harmonies. Kiss Erzsi Music will appeal to listeners across musical boundaries – any open-minded, adventurous music lover will return to this magical CD again and again. If, indeed, it ever leaves your CD player at all.

Kiss Erzsi Music is Erzsi Kiss (vocals), Gabi Kenderesi (vocals), Anna Szandtner
(vocals), Csaba Hajnóczy (guitar), Arpád Vajdovich (guitar, bass guitar) and
Hunor G. Szabó (drums). Five full songs are available for download at http://www.wizart.hu, including two songs from the 12-track CD and three live tracks: “Uuu,” “Tundirin,” and “Wattama Du.”

Author: SpinTheGlobe

Scott Stevens produces Spin the Globe, a global music show airing weekly on KAOS 89.3 FM in Olympia, Washington, USA.