Wellstone World Music Day

wellstonewmd2_03Paul Wellstone, a US Senator from Minnesota, was killed nearly a year ago, along with his wife, daughter, and three of his campaign workers, when his small plane crashed. The two pilots were also killed.

I worked as a volunteer on two of his campaigns for re-election. I knew him to be a political figure with the interests of his entire constituency foremost in his mind and revealed in his efforts. He especially advocated for the “little guy,” the one who was disenfranchised by the power and wealth that often sways politics.

Now, one year after his death, Jim Walsh, a Twin Cities music critic has conceived of an idea to celebrate the memory of Paul’s life, as well as those who were with him on that fateful airplane. Wellstone World Music Day, to convene on October 25, 2003 is an event open to all. It is a day dedicated to listening to and making music. It is a day for musicians and artists to come together and perform in whatever venue works, concert halls to living rooms to barnyards, celebrating the memories of the lives that were lost.

by Susan Budig

Author: slb2

Susan Budig draws from music and poetry to create her own poems that she uses to bring healing and recovering from grief to others.