North Indian Hawaiian Guitarist Tours Malaysia

Jaywant Naidu, a North Indian music Hawaiian guitarist from Hyderabad, has returned from his visit to Malaysia. He was invited to the country by Penang Ytl Arts Festival. Jaywant performed in the first week of June 2003 in a musical feature, Harmony, a unique musical evening playing on his Hawaiian guitar. The musical event was produced by Actors Studio at The Actors Studio, Greenhall. Jaywant presented several recitals in India and interacted with international groups under the aegis of Alliance Francaise,
etc. and has an expansive musical perspective. His recital in the Hindustani style played on a modified Hawaiian guitar was very much within the
grasp of both the Malaysian and international audience, the city being a popular
tourist attraction.

The Hawaiian guitar is modified minimally to suit the North Indian style,
added with 19 strings to produce a rich resonance and sounds like a Chitra Veena
or Gottu of South Indian origin. Played with the right hand holding the striker
and the left hand holding a narrow steel bar, the artist produces the Hindustani
Raga gliding the bar on the three main strings, striking them with the striker in the right hand.

Jaywant played a fine blend of the pure classical and light classical so as to be within the reach of the audience and was much appreciated for the sheer melody and the characteristic Indian style, which has a fine mix of melody and rhythm. His Jod and Jhala were particularly applauded. Maru Behag, Malkauns and Bagesri were the
melodies which Jaywant played. These were all instantly pleasing Ragas and there was no need for the audience to occupy themselves with any hard to understand but to enjoy tonic based melody and
swaying to the rhythm-based hand work. Jaywant also played at Kuala Lumpur and
received a good response, with more Indian audiences, apart from the Native
Malaysians, Chinese and other foreigners.

Jaywant spoke of his experiences describing the seaside beauty of Penang and
the modern city of Kuala Lumpur. Artist website is at

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