Ravikiran enthralls at Richmond

Chitravina N Ravikiran, prodigy since two, living legend since 22 and the world’s greatest slide player, if you go by the opinion of Radio Australia, entertained connoisseurs with
heartstopping and soul stirring music at Richmond, Virginia on Aug. 3rd.Ravikiran’s repertoire includes classical Indian ragas as also facile world music compositions, some of which are his own compositions. His presentation of some of the Carnatic masterpieces made one look up and take notice for this side of Indian music. Most listeners in the West have been exposed to the meandering exposition of long raag alap by artists from the Northern part of India but the southern system is full of lively songs laced with exciting improvs.

Ravikiran’s concert improved the listeners’ perspectives as he did not stint on explanations whenever appropriate and held the audience interest throughout.

Ravikiran’s creative forays were out of the ordinary. All in all, the music was an ideal mix of thrills but without any needless frills.

Author: felix winter