Wajdi Cherif : Acoustic Tunisian Jazz Album

Wajdi Cherif

Phrygian Istikhbar (2003)

Tunisian pianist and composer Wajdi Cherif released recently a new CD of
acoustic Tunisian jazz recorded in Paris in autumn of 2002. The d├ębut CD,
Phrygian Istikhbar
, presents compositions by the pianist that reveals a
refined taste in mixing jazz with ethnic sounds from Tunisia. “Voyage”, the
opening tilte, begins with a very soulful introduction played piano solo on
Arabic modes and scales, soon followed by the other musicians that support the
melodies and improvisations of percussion player Habib Samandi at the end of
this composition. “Blurred Vision” presents a bass solo that is in harmony with the fantastic
Arabic rhythm played by Habib. Jeff Boudreau displays advanced drum skills
during a solo on “Waiting For Paris”. Phrygian Istikhbar also features Arabic
percussion such as darbuka and bendir, played by the distinguished Tunisian
percussion player Habib Samandi on “El Gasba” and “Phrygian Istikhbar,” which is
also the title of the CD. The CD is Available at
(international) and on

This CD is a real innovation in The world of ethnic jazz with a refined
mixture that displays a real and deep immersion in both worlds… A real
discovery. More information at

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