Yaya Diallo’s Upcoming Album "Live at Club Soda"

Yaya Diallo - Live at Club Soda
Yaya Diallo – Live at Club Soda
Canada – Yaya Diallo’s upcoming album Live at Club Soda with his band Kanza is reminiscent of 1950’s rock-n-roll and blues. It features saxophone, electric violin, bass and lead guitars, drum set, vocals and traditional African drums. Asked if he was influenced by the music of the 50s era, Yaya responded that the saxophone and electric violin players in his band grew up with rock-n-roll, blues and jazz.

A favorite track on the Live at Club Soda album, “Samba The Trucker,” is a song about a fellow with little or no education, crude manners and worse behavior, particularly when it comes to the ladies. The album contains an a capella child’s lullaby. When asked how this song fits on the album Yaya responded that music is for everyone, so it is fitting to have something for the children.

Live at Club Soda was recorded at Club Soda, Montreal, Canada, 1989. The song “Samba The Trucker” can now be listened to on New Music Canada.

Author: xfzhus