GUCA Dragacevski Sabor Trubaca Brass Bands Music Festival

Guca, Yugoslavia – The annual festival GUCA Dragacevski Sabor Trubaca (Brass Bands Music Festival) will be taking place August 8-10. In its 40th year, it involves three days full of great Gypsy brass music and Serbian national cuisine in a big open-air party with 300 000 visitors, in Guca, central Serbia.

The festival culminates in a competition between 50 of the best gypsy brass bands, mainly from South Serbia. Many of these bands are well known through the films of Emir Kusturica, such as Black Cat-White Cat, The Underground and Time of the Gypsies. In Guca you will have a unique chance to hear Boban Markovic, Sinisa Petrovic, Fead Sejdic and many other amazing musicians.

Many unique musical styles can be found in different parts of the Balkans region. The Roma have preserved many of the Oriental aspects of Balkan music. In recent years, Balkans brass bands have been incredibly creative in changing the former rigid style presented by traditional brass bands.Over the last ten years, the Boban Markovic Orchestra has received much international attention. The music of this twelve-member orchestra was first introduced to Western audiences through Emir Kusturica’ s films Underground and Arizona Dream. The lead trumpet play, Boban Markovic, and the second trumpet player Jovica Ajdarevic were both awarded with the “Trumpet Maestro” title. The band has also received other important awards including “ Golden Trumpet”, “ First Trumpet” and “The Best Orchestra.

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