Culduz – Murat Ses

Murat Ses

Culduz (Clou Records, Clou-003, KALAN Music, Peacework Music)

Culduz is the third and last part of Murat Ses trilogy.

Culduz is a Turkic word and simply means “The Star” indispensable to navigation. The sound on the album is a fusion of fine electronics (even symphonic electonics at times) of Binfen and of Anatolian roots music of Automaton. Excellent combination!Piri Reis, the legendary seaman with his marvellous maps is the hero this time. Like on two former albums, Murat goes on telling one of his unique stories musically… Wonderful compositions influenced by Anatolia’s rich cultural heritage. Creuset (The Melting Pot) is a good example for what I am talking about in a series of fusion work beginning from late 60’s with Anadolu Pop.

There is also something new on Culduz: Influences of other world cultures in the newer compositions: Azimuth with cascading West African arpeggios on slightly de-tuned microtonal piano playing a Turkish-style composition, Indian Ocean, an electronic dance track built on spheric space sounds embedded in Kreole ambient. The title track Culduz with above mentioned songs are highlights of the album as well as Cathay, a composition about ancient China with Asian melodic percussion combined with Eurasian timbres.
Take your time and listen toMurat Ses trilogy on “The Timeless and Boundariless Context of Culture and Civilization”.

Author: sven