BEE2 – Its All A Game

UK- As a follow up to the debut album Recorded Delivery, BEE2 has released the long-awaited follow-up album. Its All A Game was released through Metro Music in April 2003.

Its All A Game is the name of BEE2s new album. “The music industry is one big game,” explains BEE2. “You need more than talent to succeed, that’s how I see it. You need to balance your creative ability, the passion of your music, with the challenges of succeeding in a tough business.” BEE2 is no stranger to the game of music, after his strong debut release Recorded Delivery and amazing live shows around the world with his band; BEE2 is about to make some noise on the dance floors across the UK this year. BEE2 infuses his raw talent with a polished vocal style befitting a Punjabi folk star. His music can be best described as being a fusion of traditional Punjabi folk, jazz, soul, hip-hop, and classical with an acoustic edge. BEE2’s sound is made by an artist who has taken time to develop his many talents and Its All A Game reflects not only his ability to perform but his writing, composing, producing and musical capabilities

The album was recorded at The Sound Pipe, BEE2’s own recording studio. BEE2 handled production work and continues to push for new sounds with a live, raw acoustic feel using mandolin, Spanish guitar, flutes and a full live strings section, leading the way to an innovative blend. “I felt the need to experiment with digital and acoustic sounds to complete a more balanced album,” says BEE2. Appearing on the album are seven distinct tracks, each with its own definitive mood. BEE2 reflects his talent as a singer-songwriter in the danceable track of Billo and the hypnotic, quietly assured track Soni Mahiwal. The track Nach Bhabiyeh compels the listener to move to its lilting, uplifting beat, a guaranteed dance floor hit, while Mela and Daru are a testament to BEE2’s folk roots. Also appearing on the album are the razor-sharp vocals of Garage MC J-Maka who adds to the foot-tapping infection of the tracks.

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BEE2 is the stage name of one of Britain’s most inventive bhangra musicians. His father’s family was heavily involved in music and his uncles were well-known singers of Punjabi folk songs. BEE2 began singing at an exceptionally early age, and by 14, he was touring around the world as a singer/musician for an established Bhangra team. BEE2 is a multi-talented musician, a talented tumbi virtuoso who also plays dhol, dholki, algozey, drums, keyboards, clarinet etc. He went on to study a degree in Music Technology then went to work in Kuljit Bhamras studio and now runs his own studio, The Sound Pipe. His first album received rave reviews for it’s innovative blend of bhangra with folk, reggae, garage, hip hop and rnb styles. Currently, BEE2 has finished touring America and Asia, and is busy working on projects at The Sound Pipe as well as working in the hit West End Musical Bombay Dreams.

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