Luzmila Carpio’s Latest CD

Luzmila Carpio - Kuntur Mallku
Luzmila Carpio – Kuntur Mallku
Nicknamed “the Voice of the Andes,” Luzmila Carpio has gained international praise for her traditional Quechua songs, tunes that have brought indigenous Bolivian culture and history to the world.

Through her plaintive and penetrating voice, these chilling vocal pieces, accompanied by traditional instruments such as Andean flutes, evoke the natural elements of Bolivia; even the whistling wind is tangible.

With an interesting periodic resemblance to the music of North American Indians and a spirit that might occasionally bring to mind the musical styles of the East, these striking pieces are not to be missed by world music enthusiasts. Absolutely arresting and captivating.

Her latest CD “Kuntur Mallku – The Messenger” awarded by several music magazines in Europe is now available in the US.

Author: 75 west