Pipeline on R2 label.

Toronto, Canada – Dermot Hyde and Tom Hake’s debut album, Pipeline, presents a break from the everyday run-of-the-mill highly-polished dance music and songs, as well as the moving airs of Ireland, Scotland and Galicia.

The two multi-instrumentalists cover the complete range of sounds from the Celtic world on a wide variety of instruments from bagpipes, whistles and flutes, to bouzoukis, harps and guitars. And of course the human voice is well represented not only in the interpretation of three songs written by Dermot Hyde, but at times it is employed almost as a melody instrument in itself.This new album is further enhanced by guest appearances from Uxia, one of Galicia’s finest female singers, and by Paddy Kerr, a veritable virtuoso of a bodhran player, who brings with him from the West of Ireland an extraordinary feeling for all that is rhythmic within in the Celtic spirit.

The CD has been released by the R2 label from Toronto. See their website at www.scotsmarket.com/r2

Author: ian_au