Various Artists – Peregrina Records

Various Artists - Peregrina’s Dreamworld
Various Artists – Peregrina’s Dreamworld
Various Artists

Peregrina’s Dreamworld (Peregrina Music)

The German label Peregrina has issued this sampler to acquaint you with their artists from across Europe. Included are selections from George Theodorakis, Rosanna & Zelia, Totem Trio, Maria Farantouri, Sema & Taksim, Penguin Café Orchestra and others. Mostly oriented toward singer-songwriter folk and light jazz vocals with interesting accompaniment, these artists show European style and polish. Brazilian, Turkish and Greek rhythms prevail.

Ambient backgrounds predominate in tracks like George Theodorakis’ Alientation and Sambiente by PAmagieRA. Especially interesting is the Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel which bridges several genres in its view of Mediterranean music. Every time you settle into a groove, the music takes new twists and turns. Liner notes in German and English include detailed information on each artist, their albums, musicians, and a press review.

This album will delight you and head you off to find more from Peregrina’s artists.

Author: Brian_Grosjean