Spanish Music

Spain is located in southwestern Europe, bordering the Bay of Biscay, Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic Ocean, and Pyrenees Mountains, southwest of France.

Spain has a rich history and varied folk music traditions. The two best known musical genres from Spain are Flamenco and Celtic music, but Spain has many other musical styles and dances throughout its mainland and island regions.

Flamenco was born in Andalusia and is also very popular in Extremadura and Murcia. Spain’s capital Madrid has now one of the largest and best Flamenco scenes in the country in terms of nightclubs, concerts and festivals.

Celtic music is primarily found in northwestern Spain, in Galicia and Asturias, although Celtic music acts can be found throughout he rest of the country.

Spanish musical genres include chotis, ensalada, fandango, farruca, flamenco, jota, muñeira, sardana, sevillanas, verdiales.

Spanish Musicians

Directory of Spanish musicians involved with traditional Spanish folk music, flamenco or world music.

Agustin Henke
Ana Alcaide
Antonio Malena
Ariadna Castellanos
Benjamin Escoriza
Canteca de Macao
Capullo De Jerez
Cepillo (Ángel Sánchez)
Chano Domínguez
Cristina Pato
David Carmona
Enrique De Melchor
Gerardo Núñez
José Antonio Rodríguez
José Mercé
La Barberia del Sur
La Musgaña
La Niña de los Peines
La Shica
Marina Heredia
Mártires del Compás
Niña Pastori
Niño de Pura
Paco de Lucia
Pedro Ricardo Miño
Ramón El Portugués
Raul Rodriguez
Ricardo Miño
Segundo Falcón
Sergio Monroy
Vicente Amigo
Xosé Manuel Budiño


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