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Artist profiles: Tang-Hsuan Lo

Tang-Hsuan Lo

Tang-Hsuan Lo studied the erhu since age 9 and graduated from Taiwan’s Chinese Traditional Music College. He has won many awards and enjoys exploring the rich color of traditional erhu, as well as developing an experimental sound for erhu from its ethnic roots.

He was a member of Taiwanese world music band A Moving Sound.

Tang-Hsuan Lo appeared in several movie soundtracks, including “My Greeky Nerdy Buddies”, “Zone Pro Site” and “Faithball”.

In 2014, he released “Jazz Erhu: Hu Says”. That same year, Tang-Hsuan Lo released his second album “Taiwan Erhu, T.S. Lo” (Buda Musique) featuring live performances.

Tang-Hsuan Lo is a member of Hudagi Crossover Trio, founded in 2012. The trio includes 3 Taiwanese musicians: Tang-Hsuan Lo on the erhu, Annie Chang on cello and Joe Hsieh on guitar. Hudagi Crossover Trio perform a mix of traditional Chinese music, classical music, pop, and jazz.


A Moving Sound (Motema)
Jazz Erhu: Hu Says (2014)
Taiwan Erhu, T.S. Lo (2014)


Artist Profiles: Mia Hsieh

Mia Hsieh

Mia Hsieh was born in a port city in Taiwan and now lives in Taipei city. She has been working in the art field and community development for many years. Her movement training includes modern dance, Tai Chi and Indian dance. She has also studied vocal training in traditional Nan-Kwan singing and contemporary vocal performance with Meredith Monk and Lynn Book in New York City, as part of her time there on a Fulbright scholarship.

Mia has developed her own performance style that she calls “singing body” physical theater. She has performed with renowned Taiwanese and international artists in dance, theater, music, visual art and film. She leads several different types of workshops rerlated to creativity and healing through movement and voice.

She is the lead vocalist for Taiwanese world music band A Moving Sound.


A Moving Sound (Motema Music)


Artist Profiles: Betel Nuts Brothers

The Betel Nuts Brothers
The Betel Nuts Brothers

The Betel Nuts Brothers are a group of Pangcah aborigines from eastern Taiwan who blend traditional indigenous music with blues and Taiwanese folk. The group’s members come from all walks of life. Singer and guitarist Huegu is a construction worker; his brother Abi who sings and plays percussion; singer and jembe player Budu also works as a construction worker; and guitarist Docdoc is a surgeon.

The Betel Nuts Brothers was nominated for Golden Melody Award Taiwan’s most prestigious pop music award for their 23 release Hunters Who Lost Their Lands.