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Biographical Film on Polo Montáñez Planned

(Prensa Latina – Cumbancha) Pinar del Río, Cuba – “Desde Abajo” (From Below) will be the title of the biographical documentary on the late Cuban country music singer Polo Montáñez and the physical resemblance of the possible star of the film astonishes local residents. Cándido Peñate Peñate, from the western province of Matanzas, a driver in the tourist resort of Varadero, is so far the person proposed because of his extraordinary resemblance to the songwriter who died in a car accident in November 2002. “I met Polo during a concert in my territory, when he saw me. He had me go up on the stage and made some jokes and we ended up as good friends, both sons of farmers, with a great love for the typical Cuban things,” Peñate said. He is an amateur poet but lacks experience as an actor, something that does not limit him because screen writer José Moreno Alfonso wants a very natural product, with a mainly inexperienced cast. Moreno, a TV actor, said this is the best tribute to Polo, someone who had a short but successful professional career and took fame with absolute modesty.