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Yeu Matchuc
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The members of the Yeu-Matchuc group are natives and residents of diverse Yoreme (Mayo) indigenous communities of the Sinaloa state, in the northwest of Mexico. Their musical interpretations and dances are ceremonial to the branch of the poplar, considered as an adoration to the mother nature, called Juya-annia, rector center of the Yoreme spirituality.

The music and dance of the Mayo group, mixes the indigenous mysticism with religious characteristics of an old Christianity that has transcended through five centuries after the Conquest. The traditional musicians of the Yeu-Matchuc group executes melodies that accompany the pascola dancers, deer, pharisees, pilatos, MarÌas and coyotes, all traditional dances of Sinaloa. 

The group participates actively in the traditional parties of its communities that rotate around the dates of the western calendar. The most important is the Sacred Week, Day of the Santa Cruz, of San Miguel and Day of the Deaths. 

Yeu-Matchuc is the name of the daybreak, in the Yoreme philosophy, and Yeu applies himself in the expression matchusasaca, the soiree that is accustomed from the pre-Columbian epoch: Waking up in the rituals Mayo-Yoreme with music, dance, and a capella singing.

This dancing and musical group belongs to the traditional kind in which are combined percussion, canticles, praises, prayers, string music with dancers of pascola and deer, where fundamental theme is the animals dramatization, themselves transformed in men, and men transformed in animals, all with music of tradition, where the theme songs are specifically bird singings, coyote howling, lions, and animal's world passages, called Juiya-ania.

This musical group has been showing up in a religious and traditional environment where the musicians and dancers do not live of this activity, only upon the necessary moments, through yorem bibba a gift of cigarettes, like signed contract, where the executants are adults, adolescents, children and women.

The group of indigenous dance and music Yeu-Matchuc (dawn), have arisen from the union of musicians and dancers of the ceremonial centers of the municipality of Guasave, Sinaloa, gathering and rescuing a great number of melodies of violin strings and rustic harp, a capella songs, music of percussion, drum melodies and flute. The main task of the group is to rescue the traditional music of the Northwest of Mexico to diffuse it.

The members of Yeu-Matchuc, parallel to the musical rescue, have created formative workshops, as much in music and dances, as instruments production and linguistic seminars, mainly with the new generations. Beside this, they have made tasks of social work, as environmental reparations, consultantship in registration, ceremonial orientation and attendance of traditional medicine.


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