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Antti Paalanen
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Antti Paalanen has created a new acoustic sound for the diatonic accordion and he has given a new name for it - the Breathbox - which is also the name of his new solo album (released in November 2010). The artistic producer of the album is Kimmo Pohjonen, a musician and artist. Paalanen’s first solo album "Äärelä" was released in 2007. His second album “Breathbox” was released in 2010.

Antti Paalanen is one of the leading musicians of modern Finnish folk music. He treats his instrument with a powerful and unprejudiced touch. His hypnotic and minimalist tunes tell stories about the world of today.

Besides his solo career, Antti Paalanen is a member of several folk music bands and line-ups, such as Hehkumo, Hyperborea, Kiharakolmio, Trepaanit and the duo Turkka ja Paalanen. Duo's album Halituli won the Etno Emma award in 2006. Trepaanit, Hyperborea and Hehkumo have also been nominated for Emma award, the Finnish equivalent to the Grammy award. Hyperborea and Kiharakolmio have both been named groups of the year at the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival.

Paalanen graduated with a Masters of Music from the Department of Folk Music of the Sibelius Academy. Currently, he is finishing up his artistic doctoral studies. Paalanen has worked as a musician in many musical, dance and theatre productions, as well as played in concerts abroad with different groups, in China, Mexico, Russia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Denmark.

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