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Angela was born in Lima (Peru). She studied in school of Santa margarita where she received music lessons from Genaro Chumpitazi. She then migrated to Rome (Italy) where she learned jazz vocals in Saint Louis music school Rome. She also got a chance to study the musical genres of Italy in which she was able to perform with the various bands in Italy.

In 2007 she traveled back to Lima, where she deeply engaged in the Afro Peruvian music. There she managed to share stage with the best musicians such as Tito Manrique, Gigio Parodi and Ronny Campos from Peru Negro. Angela is actually the lead singer of Radiokijada, with whom she performed successfully and the press highlighted her performance during Womad 2009. Angela is an independent artist who lives actually in The Netherlands and works as a songwriter, singer, composer and performer.

On her album 'Como soy' Angela goes back to her roots and narrates her experience with people of different cultures as a result of love for music and the various journeys that she made between Peru and Europe. Her main themes are life and love with accompaniment of instruments which brings out a fresh sensation and new style.

It took her two years to come up with the album together with producer Tito Manrique, and with a cast of amazing musicians, in which they mixed Afro Peruvian rhythm such as festejo and lando combined with a little Colombian vallenato, Tex mex and a some pop sounds.

She represents the new generation of the singers from Peru who maintains the quest for their land of origin. In her songs she shows her experiences in the years that she spent while travelling between Europe and Peru and meeting people of diverse cultures who were gathered for music. She also brings out her encounters as she lives with people from different cultures. She has a powerful presence in stage and a rich soulful voice with a wide range of high and low colors.

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