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Andrea Bonacini and Claudio Carboni
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Andrea Bonacini and Claudio Carboni have been committed for years to reclaiming Emilia-Romagna dance music or Liscio, as it is commonly known as. In spite of their different backgrounds and starting points, they found themselves working together on some projects aiming at bringing this tradition back to life and, on behalf of the 2008 Biennale del Paesaggio Festival organized by the Province of Reggio Emilia, they decided to research the music literature by the musician who is said to have begun the “liscio” phenomenon, rightly considered an essential part of Italian folk culture: Secondo Casadei, founding father of the eponymous orchestra.

Dropping the deeply-rooted reserves and false commonplaces about this tradition, thanks to the help of the music publisher Casadei Sonora, belonging to Riccarda Casadei, Secondo’s daughter, Claudio Carboni could access the Casadei family archives (including about 1,200 pieces, 1,078 of which recorded) and lay the foundations for this reclaiming project. The ensemble we refer to in this production is the one formed in 1928 that represented an incredible innovation for a Romagna orchestra at the time.

Beside a clarinet in C, a violin, a double bass, an accordion and a guitar, a new instrument is introduced directly from the American swing tradition: a saxophone. Therefore, even the repertoire is influenced by new dances from across the pond, foxtrot, one-step…

The need for a philologically correct production without creating a concert suitable for village fete dance floors concert led to adopt an attitude towards the past that is both strict and creative even when choosing the musicians to involve in this project. From Tuscany, Claudio Carboni involved Maurizio Geri – a fellow member of Riccardo Tesi’s Banditaliana, a group that has already signed wonderful projects to reclaim significant folk traditions - and Michele Marini, a young clarinet player with a brilliant future ahead of him.

From Emilia, Shéhérazade involved Ezio Bonicelli, a violinist and founder of the Emilian rock band Ust Mamò, Daniele Donadelli, a young accordionist who graduated from the local “Merulo” school of music and is already active not only in the classical and dance music repertoires, and a renowned and highly skilled jazz musician who chose Bologna as his adoptive city as Felice del Gaudio to play the double bass.

Claudio Carboni - Sax
Michele Marini - Clarinet
Ezio Bonicelli - Violin
Maurizio Geri - Voice and guitar
Daniele Donadelli - Accordeon
Felice Del Gaudio - Doublebass


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