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Andrea Capezzuoli
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Andrea Capezzuoli has been involved in folk music for more than 20 years through the study of the melodeon, but also has a particular love for Italian and French bagpipes. He has played all over Italy, France, Switzerland etc and participated in the most important folk festivals (Casale Monferrato, Folkest, Isola Folk, Festival Interceltique de Lorient, Guinness Irish Festival de Veysonnaz). He has, during his career, created and belonged to different groups among which are Musicanta, Sansculottes, La Magiostra. He teaches accordion in Milano and Cremona.

Capezzuoli has given more than five hundred concerts, participated in different radio programs, televisions events and he has made six recordings (Picotage 1996, Musica per organetto diatonico 1997, La Magiostra 1998, Musicanta 1999, Din delon 2000, Din delon 2002). Capezzuolli is a member of Din delon.

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