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Asima led by Devissaro an Australian born musician and composer who has lived in India since 1980. Trained initially as a classical pianist, Devissaro subsequently studied Hindustani vocal music of the ancient Dhrupad tradition under the renowned Dagar Brothers. He also trained inthe pakhawaj (Indian double-headed drum) and bansuri (bamboo flute).

The music of the Asima is a reflection of Devissaro's background in both western and Indian classical music. The diversity and wealth of India's rich music heritage that includes the austere, ancient traditions of Vedic chanting of scriptures, the refinement and beauty of classical traditions of Hindustani (north Indian) and Carnatic (south India) music, and the vitality and charm of Indian folk and ritual music. The ensemble combines elements from India's rhythmic and melodic systems with harmonic traditions of western music.

The Asima ensemble comprises five singers, Anil Ram, Gokul Bhaskar, Sree, Khalid and Anoop Sivanand, percussionist Tao Issaro and Devissaro on bansuri and keyboard. The total group consists of 9 persons

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